Why You Might Need A Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotel

There are many hotels in Bangkok to choose from when going on your next vacation.  However you cannot just book any hotel if you are a single man looking to have some fun with Thai women.

There are some hotels that will not allow you to bring a guest to your room that you did not previously register with the hotel.

This is especially the case with a lot of foreigners that come to Bangkok looking to have working Thai girls come to their room.  It is very well known in Thailand that the sex industry is booming.  Many bars have a lot of girls that will go with a foreigner back to their room for a price.

These hotels, and most hotels that is, will know about this and will either allow you to bring a girl to your room for no charge or pay what is called a joiner fee.

These fees can be anywhere from a couple hundred baht to 1500 or so.  In many cases it can be double the cost of your room.

So How Do You Avoid The Joiner Fees?

The only way you’re going to do this is to make sure that your hotel does not mind you bringing girls back to your room whether they are go go dancers or girls that work in a bar.

These hotels are referred to as being guest friendly.  You can find many of these girls and guest friendly Bangkok hotels online as there are many sites that will tell you which ones are guest friendly and which ones are not.

Red Light Districts

In the red light districts of Bangkok you will find two main areas.  The first one is called Nana Plaza.  There are many hotels around this area that are considered to be guest friendly but some are not.  Some of these hotels are actually guest friendly but will not allow working Ladyboys in.

It’s also important that if you’re looking to bring a Ladyboy back to your room that you do make sure your hotel is Ladyboy friendly.  Most of the sites will let you know which is really important.

Another famous area is called Soi Cowboy.  This is a small street littered with many go go bars and is an absolute heaven for single Males.  There are hotels all around this area as well but make sure that you choose the right one because if you don’t you could get slapped with a joiner fee.

So before you book your hotel make sure you choose the right one to avoid any extra fees.  It’s not only going to hurt your pocketbook but it’s also kind of embarrassing.  Minimalize that risk by choosing right.